Mini 6 Volt/12 Volt Car Battery Charger

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Mini 6 Volt/12 Volt Car Battery Charger
- Battery charger: 10AMP
- Supply voltage: 220 VAC / 50 Hz
- Charging lead-acid and gel batteries: 6V / 12V
- Charging current: Max 10 A
- Capacity: Battery from 20Ah to 120 Ah
- Overload protection: 7.5A fuse at the output
- Indication: Ammeter for charge current visualization
- Output: 2 pin type
- Input: cable with EU plug

Warning!!! The rectifier does not turn itself off after fully charging the battery. Do not leave unattended, this may damage the rectifier

Type: Portable Usage: Home Operating mode: Charging Compatible: Gel Battery Battery capacity: 20 - 120 Ah Functions: Overload protection Color: White

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