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Pandora 9D
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Pandora Box is the latest version of our two-person interactive console game console. Built-in 2700 games, no need to re-download, no need to re-set. Can be connected to television, computers, game consoles, projectors to play games. Acrylic panels with a metal body, greatly extend the service life. Buttons through special techniques to extend the service life while giving users a better gaming experience.

Built-in speakers, no additional audio playback devices, immersive bring a better gaming experience. Both to bring nostalgic childhood memories of adults, can bring children a novel gaming experience too. For parenting education, family reunions, couples games, friends gatherings, corporate events, shopping promotions. What are you waiting for, bring this powerful machine to your home!


- 3 Panel image finishings available

- The waterproof acrylic panel, smooth surface finished long life use Top brand chips in-game solutions, long time play and excellent in heat radiation

- This fun console has 2700 games, forget about spending hours downloading retro games, with this console you can switch from game to game freely

- 2D/3D

- It offers you clear and high definition images

- Portable

- This Arcade console works with many devices, support LCD TV / desktop computer / PC game/projector

- It is for 2 players, the design of the board makes the experience of being in an arcade or the little machines


Bring back the good old times!


- Size: 64 x 22 x 7 cm (Length X width X Height)

- Inputs: VGA HD USB

- Voltage: 110-240 V

- Voltage power: DC12V / 3A

- Can be used on LCD TV, desktop, PC or projector


Package includes:

1x video game machine

1x VGA data cable


1x USB to USB

1x HD data cable 

1x Power line

1x Adapter cable

1x USB line

1x User manual

Dispatch within 0 - 2 Days

Dispatch within 0 - 2 Days

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