Silicone Anti-Crack Heel Socks

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If you have cracks on the heel, it will be much easier to advance. The pain will go away on the first day of wearing the product. The heel protector will evenly distribute the pressure and provide heel protection.

The heel protector is easy to use. You just need to put it on like a sock and fix the main part in the painful area. Regular use of the tread will allow the legs to make well-groomed for a quick time. They will take on an infant form.

Trophic wounds.
Increased dryness of the sole.
Washable, Soft medical grade silicone, non-toxic.
It helps prevent dry skin on the heels.
It can be used with Heel Balm allowing it to be effectively absorbed.
Protect your heel against cracking especially in summer when wearing heel exposed footwear.
Relieve heel pain, heel crack, super comfortable, ease the body to reduce the the pressure of the heel.

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2 x Silicone Anti-Crack Heel Socks



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