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The multifunctional Electric Lunch Box is a stylish, convenient and healthy way to enjoy your meal.

Thanks to the complete and practical lunch box, you won't need to use a microwave to have a delicious hot meal away from home

This electric lunch box is very easy to use, simply connect it to mains and it'll be ready in no time

Enjoy a perfect meal anytime and anywhere thanks to this incredible electric lunch box.

- multifunctional electric lunch box
-made of heat-resisting environment-friendly material
-odor free, safe and healthy PTC heat element
-low power and recirculation heating
-keeps your food fresh and hot
-voltage 110V/220V
-power 40W/50Hz
-the capacity of 1.5L
-two point plug charging
-Dimensions approx 24.7cm X 18cm X11.5
-Color: Blue

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